I did something exciting guys. I made a 25 page fitness and nutrition workbook! It is a 35 Day Fitness and Nutrition Reset program.

The whole reason I started this blog was to have another outlet to do things I love doing. In this case, writing, extreme sports, and motivating and helping people grow. This is how I ended up in education; I have been a high school English teacher singe 2006. I like to think about personal growth, and that is the crux of education. The 35 Day Fitness and Nutrition Reset workbook is the first culmination of it all. There is a link to download it at the bottom of this post or receive it via email.

I have written about nutrition, walking, running, lifting weights, and even some about surfing and climbing, but the 35 day reset brings it all together. Whether you have never worked out before or if you are training for a marathon, this workbook can be for you. In classic teacher style, the workbook is designed for a wide range of abilities and levels!

If you make it through enough little goals, you will be shocked at where you arrive.

You could go for a walk tomorrow, you commit to growing stronger little by little, and be running half marathons this time next year. Maybe you do yoga everyday, you commit to growing stronger little by little, and in a year you are squatting your body weight.

Anything can happen, even things you never dreamed possible. My personal story, April 2019, I lead climbed 5.11a outside for the first time in my life at the New River Gorge in West Virginia. November 2019, 5.11b. I didn’t flash anything. There were falls, but I finished the climbs on lead, and I was so proud of myself. I thought I would never lead climb 5.11 outside. Fall 2020, I am going to try 12a. I absolutely never, in the 12 years I have been climbing, even began to think that I would ever even attempt to lead 12a outside. All of the italics in the world cannot express how far from my mind this thought was!

My 35 Day Fitness and Nutrition Reset Goal

Yet here I am. That is my 35 day goal. End of September, lead and finish a 12a outside at the New River Gorge. I can’t believe I just put that in writing; I will have to keep practice falling, climb a lot, keep lifting, do pull ups, run some, and be consistent! It is an attainable goal; I think. I might totally fail! However, that is OK.

What is in the 35 Day Fitness and Nutrition Reset Workbook

So, I checked out a bunch of reset programs online to see what they were offering, and honestly there are no big secrets. In summary, they are just clean eating ideas and a little information about clean eating. So, I was very surprised to see that people were selling this information. Charging you $40 dollars for a book that tells you to eat vegetables, whole grains, and lean meats. Yeah!

My little workbook has exercise ideas, to bring your active, or non-active lifestyle up to the next level. For example, if you do yoga a take walks, I will give you a few ideas of workouts to try to bring you up to the next level of fitness. Even if you practice an extreme sport like climbing, there are ideas for you.

The workbook also contains information to calculate exact numbers to reach body composition goals like gaining muscle or losing fat.

35 Day Fitness and Nutrition Reset Workbook Contents

  • Staple food ideas
  • Foods to avoid list
  • Foods to eat list
  • Formulas to calculate target daily calories and protein
  • Daily nutrition and exercise journals
  • Goal brainstorming and goal setting pages
  • Weekly reflection questions
  • More!

So, it would be awesome if you wanted to join! We can work together. I don’t have a ton of followers or readers (yet!), but we can be a small and mighty group! Maybe there is someone in your life you would like to help with nutrition or fitness? A parent, grandparent, or brother or sister? Bring them along!

We can stick together via socials 🙂 I am @fairlyextreme on Instagram and we can use #fairlyextreme to inspire and motivate eachother.


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