Training and fueling smarter for lifelong climbing.

Fuel, train, recover, repeat.

Once we said, “I am going to climb for the rest of my life,” and now “the rest of your life” is on the doorstep. Can’t climb hard 5 days in a row anymore? Driving 6 hours to pitch a tent at 2am sounds like a terrible idea? Prefer a nice little Airbnb? Turning 40? Or older? Yeah. Me too.

Older athletes train smarter, eat smarter, and recover smarter. There is a name for us. Masters. Seriously. The age group of over 35 is called Masters Athletes. As we age, Generation X athletes are going to push the limits of athletic performance. We are only beginning to learn what older athletes are capable of, and it is impressive.

How to Climb 5.12 before 40, Maybe

My current personal journey. Learning a lot along the way!

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