Who doesn’t love new gear?! I personally love shopping for new running accessories and trying them out. If you are ready to get started running, or just looking to update your running gear with some new stuff, I’ve got all my most loved gear listed here! However, there are no shirts though. I guess I feel rather meh about all of my running shirts! I have only listed stuff I truly love and stuff that has added actual value to my running routine.

Summer Running Accessories

Hydration Belt: What I Love

  • Sits at the perfect spot at the small of my back, does not jiggle. Full insulated water bottle does not feel heavy.

What I am Neutral About

  • If you have a slightly big phone case like an Otter Box Defender, you can squeeze it in with car keys.

Running Skirt: What I Love

  • I freaking love running skirts. Consequently, I own 3. I live in them.
  • Boy short underneath, so it is like wearing underwear.
  • Butts look freaking awesome in running skirts.
  • Price! Running skirts are on sale all the time.
  • Don’t rude up. If you are tired of running shorts riding up, try a skirt!

PUMA Sports Bras Running Accessories

What I Love

  • PUMA sports bras have a really nice pad in them that washes well and is durable. Mine have stood up through years of washings and drying in the dryer really well.
  • Design. PUMA has a lot of really cute strappy designs.
  • Support. I have never had a problem with PUMA bras, and I know a lot of women who feel the same!
  • Price. Super cute, and super easy to find on sale!

What I a Neutral About

  • While PUMA pads are my favorite pads that come with sports bras, I have replaced them with what you see below!

Sports Bra Pad Replacement:What I Love

  • No more shelf bra look, makes your chest look great in sports bras, which can often cause a flat look.
  • They fit super easy into the little holes to replace the pads, even with the little push up bump.
  • They go in the dryer, no problem.
  • They work in bralettes too!

Goodr Sunglasses: What I Love

  • These are polarized so nicely, I swear I see better when I wear them, and I had lasik surgery about a year ago!
  • They are stinking cute and come in awesome colors.

What I am Neutral About

  • Price. At $35, they cost about twice what my other pair of polarized sunglasses cost me, but they are better…

Winter and Fall Running Accessories

Compression Running Tights: What I Love

  • I run faster and with more endurance with compression tights.
  • No jiggle in the legs! Adorable designs.

What I am Neutral About

  • Price. I have been using mine for 5 years though, as my go-to running tight.

Thermal Compression Tights: What I Love

  • I run all winter with these tights!
  • They have the same stability that the non thermal version has

What I am Neutral about

  • Price, but I have been using them as a go-to running tight for 5 years.

Thermal Running Jacket: What I Love

  • Price!
  • Windproof, reflective, and lined with durable fleece

What I am Neutral About

  • Only came in black :/

Running Accessories for All Seasons

Garmin Venu: What I Love

  • Tracks calories burned, which I feel is accurate for me each day. I use this for calorie counting.
  • Heart rate and stress level monitor.
  • Has many programmable workouts and sports.
  • Connects to Spotify for music, no need to drag a phone along for tunes!
  • Tons of features I haven’t used yet, like cycle tracking.

ALTRA Women Solstice Zero Drop Running Shoe: What I Love

  • Price! Look!
  • Running Performance. I have transitioned to barefoot running for the health and strength of my feet and legs, and I freaking love these shoes.

Merrell Trail Glove: What I Love

  • Price!
  • Looks!
  • Running Performance. These are my go-to shoe for barefoot running on trails. I freaking love them. I get exactly what I want, which is my foot to feel and move freely over uneven trail surfaces engaging my foot muscles as they should work.

Injinji Toe Socks: What I love

  • These allow for natural foot movement and toe splay, something that has changed the way I run!

What I am Neutral About

  • Price and turning the toes right-side out after I wash them. Lol!

Air Pods: What I Love

  • The way they fit in my ear! Def. not falling out.
  • They connect o my Garmin Venu, so no need to drag a whole phone.

What I am Neutral About

  • Price. I better not lose these!

Running Accessories: Reading Material!

Running Rewired: What I Love

  • Detailed breakdown of the mechanics of running.
  • Highly informative to promote the most efficient running possible.
  • Warm up activities and cross training activities to promote most efficient running.

Born to Run: What I Loved

  • I literally would put this book down, put on my running shoes, and go run trails. So freaking inspiring.
  • Fascinating and detailed information about the body mechanics of running.

What I was Neutral About

  • The first 50 pages were meh, then it was one of the best books I have ever read.

Thrive Fitness: What I Loved

  • An entire strength and power training program, not just some exercises here and there, a program, for endurance athletes designed to build strength and power not muscle mass.

What I was Neutral About

  • There was a little discussion about food, that I was not super interested in.

Running Accessories: Supplements

Maca Supplement: What I Love

  • Helps your body adapt to possible over training
  • Helps your body deal with stress from training or just from life

What I am Neutral About

  • A little expensive
  • You have to add it to smoothies or to other food

That is it! My one stop shop for running accessories! I do realize that there were no shirts… Well, I just don’t feel all that special about my running shirts, so I didn’t list them! I only listed stuff I do truly love and stuff that brings unique value to my running!

If you want to check out some more running gear, here is some of the best from 2020!

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