How to be a fairly extreme athlete.

Go to work, fuel, train, enjoy, recover, repeat.

You want to be pretty good at an extreme sport, but you ask yourself if you have what it takes.  You are x years old and still doing extreme sports? You don’t want to get older, slower, weaker, like so many do.  Nonetheless, you can’t stop the clock, and you have a whole plate of adult responsibilities to manage. 

I question myself all the time.  When I nose dive off a wave, when I clench my brakes down a hill, when I’m hanging the side of a cliff, when I squint back tears because a fall actually hurt.  But I believe in the journey, so I read books, make goals, rehab, pre-hab, hit my protein goals, buy knee pads, butt pads, elbow pads, and get back out.  And I write all about it: thoughts, goals, mistakes, plans, injuries, nutrition.  I write about it all, to share ideas and inspiration with you, so that we can enjoy and excel at our extreme sports as much as we can. 

I hope you can join up, follow, comment, share, and we can be fairly extreme together.  The last thing you want is to let another season slip by without getting out and getting as much as you can, because your future self becomes more awesome every time you do.

How to Climb 5.12 before 40, Maybe

My current personal journey. Learning a lot along the way!

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